Insurance for works at heights

The Roederer Group offers its expertise in insurance for works at heights and in particular for the profession of rope access technician. Protect your business against third-party complaints related to your activities resulting from material and immaterial personal injury incurring your liability ("tort" in contractual terms) and your decennial civil liability relating to the works and services performed.

rop access technicians


General civil liability 


During operation: 

The terms Operations Civil Liability, Before Delivery and During Works refer to any damage caused by the contractor before delivery of the works.  

The liability arising from your business activities, particularly in your capacity as a contractor, labour employer, landlord, tenant, guardian of any movable or immovable property. 


After delivery 

The terms Liability After having Delivery, Delivered Products and After Works refer to any damage caused by the contractor after delivery of the works. 

The liability incurred for damage caused by the products and works delivered or their use by your customers or by third parties. 

Insurance for works at heights applies to the following activities:

  • window washing 
  • pruning 
  • installation of billboards or tarpaulins 
  • snow clearing 
  • de-foaming 
  • bird nets 
  • cliff reinforcement 
  • draining ducts 
  • etc. 

Do your services and your works affect the building frame? It is essential to use decennial civil liability insurance cover.  


Decennial civil liability 

If your activities affect the building frame, do not be satisfied to simply perform the services mentioned above. In this situation, it is compulsory for you to take out decennial civil liability insurance cover (Articles 1792 et seq. of the Civil Code).  

If you do not have insurance cover, you risk the sanctions provided for by Article L243-3 of the Insurance Code, which are imprisonment for six months and a fine of €75000 or one of these penalties. 

You are required to provide a certificate that corresponds to the works being carried out. Your customers and ordering parties will require this. 

We can offer insurance cover that is appropriate to your obligations and the reality of your business line. The most common activities are listed below:  

  • Masonry works 
  • Chimney reinforcement 
  • Sheet metal work 
  • Façade masonry repairs 
  • Tile/slate replacement 
  • Installation of surge arresters/lightning conductors, antennas 
  • Non-destructive testing on behalf of ordering parties 
  • Roofing 
  • Protection against falls from heights 
  • Painting 

We are also able to study more specific works:

  • Civil engineering 
  • Steel frames 
  • Metal cladding 
  • Etc. 


Important points about insurance for works at heights 

We invite you to pay special attention to compiling a comprehensive and relevant statement of the works you carry out and to adapt your qualifications to the works performed.  

Whether you are the direct customer or a subcontractor, you need to take out General Civil Liability insurance, as well as Decennial Civil Liability cover if required.  

You should also be attentive to your specific contractual obligations (requirements of your ordering parties, use of waiver clauses, etc.) and adaptation of the capital insured risks. 

Finally, if you provide training (works at height, PPE, etc.), it is important to specify this so that the appropriate insurance cover can be provided. 




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