Our profession

As a specialist business insurance and risk management brokerage, the Roederer Group advises and supports its customers in their dealings with insurance companies, mutual societies and personal protection institutions. 

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Our profession: insurance brokerage 

Our mission, as an independent broker manager, is to identify the needs of our customers in order to offer them solutions to their issues. With our knowledge of the insurance market and our expertise in the field of business risk, we offer and recommend to our clients insurance policies that are tailored to their needs in terms of quality services and price/insurance cover compromises. 

The advantages of choosing an insurance broker: 

  • Independence from the Insurers 
  • Ability to take advantage of competition among insurers according to the client's issues 
  • Representative of the customer 



The customer benefits offered by the Roederer Group 

  • We are a broker and manager: we handle the full management of your insurance contracts with a team dedicated to premium collection and claims handling 
  • Permanent monitoring of the regulatory framework 
  • ISO certification: checked and audited quality of service (our commitment to our response times) 
  • We are business specialists: all our teams are capable of handling your requests and issues 
  • Ability to provide support our customers internationally and multicultural skills 
  • 24hour access to all our services on the Internet (policyholder area, email/SMS alerts and Smartphone app) 


Roederer in figures 

  • Roederer, an insurance broker, was established in 1893 in Strasbourg by Arthur Roederer. 
  • We now have more than 200 employees serving 7,700 client companies. 
  • Our revenues are split between 65% personal insurance and 35% property and liabilities insurance, as well as between 95% companies and 5% individuals. 
  • We insure 245,000 people, either directly or via groups. 
  • In the Argus de l'Assurance 2015 ranking, the Roederer Group is among the 15 largest general brokers in France and is the leading independent broker of the Grand East region. 


The Roederer Group promise

geoffroy roederer


"Together, let's build the best solutions. This signature undertakes to deliver precisely the added value expected by our customers.

The new company project sets out to recast the meaning we want to give to our daily work. It must also enable each person to validate the consistency of their own actions with the collective framework.

We are delighted to share this ambition and success with you." . 

Geoffroy Roederer, CEO