Quality and Certification process

The Roederer Group started its certification approach in1997 and obtained its first certification in 1999. This certification is renewed every three years, and we are expecting to move to the new ISO 9001-2015 standard in 2017.

iso9001 certification


Quality Management System 

Our Quality Management System corresponds to the actual organization set up by the company so that we can provide services in line with the expectations of our customers while providing choice, advice and a conscientious approach.

To achieve this, we have decided to use the Quality Management System as a true internal organization of dynamic management, which enables us to improve our customer service performance continuously.

We have defined the following in particular as strategic:

  • Our CUSTOMER PROXIMITY thanks to a sales team that can establish lasting, personalized relationships with our customers and can adapt and respond to all the needs of businesses, including internationally.
  • Our MANAGEMENT EXPERTISE based on the use of our own IT system, which can adapt our processing to demand and to innovations that are popular with our customers.
  • Our CUSTOMER FOCUS and THE SPIRIT OF SERVICE, which aim to improve our performance continuously. They are illustrated by our satisfaction survey, for which the overall score in 2017 was 7.8/10 for property and liability insurance and 7.4/10 for group cover. In 2017, we also put in place a policyholder barometer and obtained a score of 8.1/10.
  • Our commitment for each department is to OBSERVE A TIMELINE for processing customer requests.
  • Our ECONOMIC PERFORMANCE guarantees our ability to finance not only the necessary investments, but also external growth opportunities.
  • Our commitment to the values ​​of a FAMILY BUSINESS, as formalized in the company project: humanism, agility of the organization, financial independence and long-term vision.


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