Group Presentation

The ambition of the Roederer Group, the leading independent insurance broker in the Grand Est region, is to help you identify your needs and offer the solutions best suited to your everyday problems. Whether you are a private individual or a professional, you can count on the continuous involvement of our teams, who are close to you and provide you with tailor-made support and an effective presence in the event of a claim.

Groupe Roederer

Who are we?

The Roederer Group is the leading independent insurance broker in the Grand Est region and is one of the top 13 generalist brokers in France.

Beyond the figures, the Roederer Group's experts have the task of identifying their clients' needs to offer them the most complete solutions that are best suited to their personal and professional issues in terms of quality of service and price/cover. While we insure individuals against everyday hazards, we are also specialists in the field of business risk. This means your business is optimally covered!

A local group with a national dimension

We are close to our clients, firstly geographically: our head office is still located in Strasbourg. We also have offices in Schiltigheim, Metz and Nancy in Eastern France, as well as in Paris.

Our expertise in risk management means we are at your side, from the analysis of your needs to the settlement and follow-up of your claims. By becoming a Roederer Group client, you benefit from the support of a single dedicated contact throughout your contract. This allows us to react quickly and effectively when necessary.

The Roederer Group in figures

Roederer is a family-owned and operated insurance broker, with several thousand people already placing their trust in us. The Roederer Group is thus:

  • More than 310 employees;
  • 10,000 corporate clients;
  • 300,000 people insured, directly or through groups;
  • 13th generalist broker in France according to the Argus de l'Assurance ranking for 2021.

Our quality approach and certification

Focused on client satisfaction, the Roederer Group initiated a certification process in 1997 and obtained its first certification in 1999. This operation is renewed every three years, with a transition to the new ISO 9001-2015 standard in 2017, to constantly improve our performance in the service of our clients. Therefore, we are all guided by the following objectives:

  • Proximity to the client;
  • Know-how;
  • Listening to the client and being service-minded;
  • Economic performance;
  • Commitment to our core values – humanism, expertise and agility.

Our responsible commitment to a better quality of life at work

The Roederer Group is aware of the company's role in well-being at work and in the impact of human activity on the climate. This is why our teams have been made aware of these issues and are proactive in these areas. Our paper consumption, for example, has been divided by 6 in two years. 50% of our supplies are purchased from environmentally responsible ranges, and we favour short supply chains for our current consumption.

We also select our suppliers and service providers according to CSR criteria, and we no longer purchase diesel vehicles for our fleet.