International insurance for companies

The Roederer Group and its experts support you worldwide, both in France and abroad, and offer you the best international insurance solution tailored to your professional projects.

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Roederer, international insurance broker: the ideal partner to accompany you in France and abroad!

Roederer is a family-owned company, founded in Strasbourg in 1893, and specializes in business insurance brokerage and risk management.

Thanks to our expertise in the field of business risk and our in-depth knowledge of the insurance market, we recommend comprehensive insurance policies tailored to your needs. To meet your requirements and offer you personalized support for your international projects, we mobilize all our human and technical skills. We can therefore provide you with advice and tailor-made solutions to protect your company, your employees and your managers in the long term, both in France and abroad.

International insurance: our expertise

Supporting French companies abroad

When developing your business outside national borders, it is imperative to cover your risks in the countries where you operate. To achieve this, our experts will assist you in several ways:

  • Compliance with the local legislation of each entity: in some countries, it is compulsory for companies to be covered by a local insurance contract with an authorized national insurer.
  • The implementation of territorial uniformity of insurance coverage so that each entity benefits equally from the same insurance provisions. This must be accompanied by an analysis of the specific needs of foreign subsidiaries, particularly regarding the law, contractual policy and commercial context applicable to each country.
  • Centralization of insurance management to ensure simplified control.
  • Limiting the cost of insurance policies, which are multiplied according to the country, by keeping only those that are essential for optimal protection. This lets you optimize the overall cost of the insurance by pooling the risks.

Our objective, as an international broker, is to be at your side to respond to these specificities by providing you with advice and genuine support tailored to managing your risks throughout the world.

Expertise, compliance, management and cost control are the keywords that guide our approach. We identify your needs to determine insurance strategies and assist you in setting up appropriate international insurance cover.

Whether it is a question of insuring your employees or securing your locations, the Roederer Group's experts can guide you and provide you with solutions throughout the world to ensure the financial sustainability of your group.

Supporting foreign companies in France

Employer's gross negligence, compulsory mutual insurance, international civil liability and/or decennial liability, non-consecutive immaterial damage or natural disaster cover are all specific features of French legislation that require the implementation of a local insurance contract in France. We are with you every step of the way to provide you with the best possible protection in the event of a claim.

From very small companies to large corporations, we can identify the needs of your subsidiaries in France and, through local policies, deploy international insurance programmes negotiated by the parent companies. If necessary, we can supplement them with national coverage in accordance with French legislation.

As a true relay for the parent company in France, we monitor your risks by sending regular and detailed reports to the parent company or its brokers.

International networks of insurance brokers

When we develop our offers, we are accompanied by independent and recognized networks of brokers to which we belong. Whatever country your subsidiary wants to conquer, we will bring you the best solutions with the help of our partners.

To this end, we are members of these two networks:

Our areas of intervention:

  • Building (designers, builders, contracting authorities, etc.)
  • Property management (via our subsidiary Draber-Neff Immobilier)
  • Rope access technicians and interior designers
  • Carriers and logisticians
  • Distribution chains
  • Digital economy
  • Renewable energy
  • Agri-food
  • Associative
  • Medico-social
  • Financial and accounting
  • Vehicle rental companies
  • Manufacturing and Trading

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