Professional and business insurance

As an insurance broker for businesses and professionals, the Roederer Group caters to every profile: ETIs (Intermediate-sized companies), SMEs, artisans, traders, and more. Our experts specializing in group insurance, property and liability insurance, tailor their proposals to the size of your organization, the specificities of your industry, and your needs.

Assurances entreprises et professionnels

We offer packages to protect not only your employees, but also your business and your assets.

Social protection

In France, social protection includes all the mechanisms of provident funds, group supplementary health insurance and retirement savings. The Roederer Group, a group insurance broker, is involved in all contracts capable of optimizing the social protection of your employees. Our expert personal insurance advisers will help you choose offers that are suitable for the needs of your company and your employees.

Do you have a modern and innovative view of the role of the company? So do we. We support you in your reflections on the quality of life at work: well-being, stress management, psychological support, absenteeism, prevention of psycho-social risks, implementation of solutions concerning the "mental health" of your employees, etc. As a specialist in social protection, we identify with you the guarantees to be included in your group insurance contract.

Loan insurance

Our experts can help you with your business projects: purchase or renovation of premises, acquisition of capital goods, by offering you a loan insurance policy that is perfectly appropriate for your situation and your needs. We aim to guarantee the repayment continuity of instalments or outstanding capital in the event of inability to pay.

Business insurance: damage and liability contracts

Companies and professionals are confronted with a wide range of risks which, in certain cases, incur the responsibility of their executives. As such, our experts specializing in business risks offer you a mapping of your major risks to respond independently to your professional, industrial, logistical or IT security (cyber risk) issues.

The Roederer Group, a broker in damage and liability insurance for companies, offers you insurance covering:

- damage to property and business interruption;

- your liability and that of your company;

- your car fleet;

- environmental risks;

- risks in the event of a cyberattack;

- technical risks;

- legal protection for your business.

When you call on the Roederer Group, you can be sure that you will have the best Risk Manager skills on the market.