Car fleet insurance

Roederer Group, a professional auto insurance broker, recommends tailored insurance solutions to protect your automobile assets (light vehicles, heavy trucks, machinery, etc.), your employees, as well as the liabilities associated with these modes of transportation against material or bodily damage caused to yourself or third parties.

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Car fleet insurance

Protect your vehicles and the liability of your company in the event of damage (material damage or personal injury) caused to your vehicles, yourself, your drivers or others, regardless of the vehicles in your fleet and their uses:

  • passenger and commercial vehicles under 3.5 tonnes; commercial vehicles over 3.5 tonnes (tractors, trucks, trailers and semi-trailers); two-wheelers; construction equipment, etc.

Our offer includes a wide range of guarantees that cover:

  • your civil liability – cover of damage suffered by third parties;
  • damage to vehicles – glass breakage, internal breakage, theft, fire, accident;
  • personal injury to the driver;
  • assistance to people and vehicles, replacement vehicles, etc.
  • contents insurance – luggage, equipment and goods
  • financial losses (financial loss cover);
  • legal protection.

Our experts are at your side to analyse your claims experience and to provide you with the most appropriate business motor insurance solution. It will ensure that you are fully covered for the risks to which you may be exposed. It can be supplemented by an "mission policy", which covers your employees who use their personal vehicles for business trips.

Staff assignments

With the Roederer Group, protect your employees against losses suffered or caused by their personal vehicle during a professional assignment. The employee on assignment contract, taken out by the employer, allows employees to be compensated and at the same time contributes to covering their liability in the event of damage. Thus, by taking out this cover, your employee will not be faced with a lack of cover or any excess or penalty that their personal contract might apply.

This insurance will cover the following claims without excess and without penalty:

  • damage caused to third parties and damage to their own vehicle – civil liability, all-accident damage, fire, theft or attempted theft, defence;
  • glass breakage;
  • assistance;
  • injuries to the driver;
  • the employee's luggage and personal belongings.

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