Liabilities and insurance

The Roederer Group offers you its liability expertise to ensure you have the best possible cover. With it, you protect your business against damage or injury to others and cover yourself as an executive.

Assurance et responsabilites

Corporate Civil Liability (business activity)

Corporate Civil Liability Insurance covers the defence costs and financial consequences (damages) for your company as a result of personal injury, property damage and non-material damage caused to third parties in the course of your professional activity. It is made up as follows:

  • Operating Civil Liability insurance, before delivery or before work, which covers any damage caused before delivery of the service.
  • Post-delivery Civil Liability insurance or product liability, which covers any damage caused after delivery.

In addition, you can take out a professional civil liability policy, which covers intellectual service.

Professional Civil Liability

The Professional Civil Liability provides compensation for damage caused in the context of an intellectual service, therefore without material realization (this is, for example, the case of lawyers, accountants, architects, etc.), provided to third parties and resulting from a professional fault: error, omission, negligence, inadequate advice, etc.

Our experts will help you select the most suitable professional civil liability insurance solution for your business. To achieve this, they will carry out an audit not only of your needs, but also of your risks, and will pay particular attention to the following points:

  • the nature of your activities, to be declared in a complete and relevant way;
  • your international activities (establishments abroad, exports to the USA/Canada);
  • your specific contractual commitments (requirements of your principals, waiver of recourse clause, etc.);
  • the adaptation of the insured capital to the risks incurred.

Civil Liability for Environmental Damage

Civil Liability for Environmental Damage covers civil liability arising from the exercise of your activities due to environmental damage and giving rise to a claim from third parties for personal injury, property damage and non-material damage.

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Executives' Liability insurance

In the event of damage caused to a third party, the company's liability does not cover the personal liability of the executives, in law or in fact. Therefore, to protect your personal assets against third-party claims resulting from damage involving your liability, it is essential to take out executives' liability insurance.

On what grounds can you be held liable?

Your personal liability as a manager may be incurred in the following cases:

  • Non-compliance with legal or regulatory provisions
  • Violation of statutes
  • Mismanagement

What does executives' liability insurance cover?

Executives' liability insurance can be used in many cases. These include:

  • damages, settlements and other costs that executives are required to pay as a result of a claim;
  • costs of examining the case and defending the executive (investigation and expert assessment fees, legal fees, arbitrators' fees, etc.), before the civil, criminal or administrative courts.

To further improve your protection, we help you select solutions dedicated to prevention and the special risks related to your business activity. 

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