Special risk insurance

Special risks are risks that require specific studies and for which we do not have statistical data. As a specialist in business insurance brokerage and risk management, the Roederer Group supports and insures you against these unpredictable events.

Risques speciaux

"Product contamination" insurance

Protect your company and your business in the event of accidental or malicious contamination, administrative recall orders or malicious blackmail.

The cover we offer includes:

  • operating losses, including the costs of withdrawal and recall of contaminated products, replacement of contaminated products, image rehabilitation costs, and site decontamination costs;
  • reimbursement of funds paid to the blackmailer in the event of malicious blackmail;
  • costs and fees of consultants specializing in food safety, product recall, crisis management, malicious contamination, blackmail and extortion, public relations, crisis/reputation communication.

The objective is to protect you from the possible financial impact that your company may suffer, but not only: this cover also protects your reputation, which may be weakened following a claim.

Individual Accident, Health and Critical Illness

Protect your employees, executives, directors, or any special category of personnel, in the event of bodily injury suffered during an accident. This type of product allows you to give them the following:

  • a capital sum for death or disability;
  • reimbursement of medical expenses, hospitalization, medicines, etc.;
  • daily allowances;
  • search, rescue and repatriation costs.

An individual Accident, Provident and Critical Illness insurance policy guarantees your teams financial benefits and services in the event of accidents or critical illnesses, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round, in the context of their professional and/or private lives. This product also helps to provide preventive services enabling beneficiaries to assess their health or accident risk factors annually and the costs of assistance (psychological, support for administrative measures in the event of accidental death, home adaptation, etc.).

Insurance for business travel

Our experts will help you design a comprehensive insurance solution that not only protects your employees on business trips in France and abroad, but also covers your liability as a company director. This cover includes the following benefits:

  • capital sum for accidental death;
  • capital sum for permanent total or partial accidental disability;
  • medical expenses outside the country of origin (and in the country of origin on return);
  • assistance to employees (medical transport, repatriation, early return, etc.);
  • "Personal" civil liability;
  • cover for baggage, etc.

Ransom and Kidnapping Insurance

Protect your travelling employees and safeguard your company in the event of any of the following circumstances:

  • abduction (even in the case of express abduction);
  • extortion against property and persons;
  • unlawful detention;
  • disappearance;
  • a threat made without a ransom demand to extort confidential, business or personal data.

Ransom insurance offers you optimal coverage and, depending on the nature of the contract, consists of the following guarantees:

  • the payment of the ransom and its restoration in case of loss of the ransom;
  • personal protection costs;
  • the cost of transport, accommodation and resettlement in a host country;
  • the cost of maintaining the salary of the detainee and the salary of the detainee's replacement;
  • the costs of a consultant and/or a security and public relations adviser on an unlimited basis;
  • compensation in case of death, etc.

Event insurance

As an event organizer, it is essential to cover yourself against the risks to which you are exposed or against the damage you may cause to others. We are at your side to help you set up an insurance solution adapted to your business activity that will protect:

  • your property (owned, rented or lent);
  • your responsibility (as organizer or participant);
  • your financial losses (in case of cancellation or postponement).

The insurance cover can be taken out on a yearly basis or on a temporary basis for a one-off event (participation in a trade fair, inauguration of new premises, etc.).

Image protection insurance

Image protection insurance protects your company's image and reputation in the event of a major accident affecting your clients, visitors or employees. It thus covers:

  • lump-sum compensation for victims;
  • specific guarantees, in addition to the Death and Accidental Disability guarantees, with personalized post-trauma and psychological medical care;
  • communication costs and crisis management consultancy fees.

Occupational accidents and diseases

Protect your company's profit and loss account and support your employees in the face of the risk of accidents at work and occupational diseases. By taking out an insurance policy for special risks, particularly accidents at work and occupational diseases:

  • the contribution differential due to the increase in Accidents at Work and Occupational Diseases;
  • technical and administrative assistance for the claim;
  • occupational risk prevention services;
  • psychological assistance services.

Social Relationships

Discrimination, unjustified refusal of promotion, sexual or moral harassment, unfair dismissal, etc. Protect your company and your managers against claims made by your employees in the context of a breach of the rules governing social relations. Social relationships insurance covers:

  • financial consequences;
  • defence costs.

Your adviser will ask you to pay particular attention to the risk countries with which you are in contact and to which your managers and employees may travel.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information or to find out more about other products that we recommend, such as financial risk insurance.