Financial risks

The Roederer Group helps you protect yourself against any financial risks you may face. Fraud insurance, insurance against unpaid rent, credit insurance, political risk insurance, business financial loss insurance, etc. Ask our experts for help in choosing the best protection.

Risques financiers

Insurance against fraud

Fraud insurance protects you against possible fraudulent acts that may be caused against your company.

In business, the following acts are considered fraud: theft, fraud, breach of trust, forgery and use of forgeries, attacks on automated data processing systems (computer maliciousness), etc. It is essential to cover the financial losses suffered by the company (or possibly by one of its clients) following a fraud committed by a third party, an employee or a manager, thanks to a fraud insurance solution recommended by one of our Roederer Group experts. This insurance may cover:

  • direct financial losses;
  • expert assessment fees, interest and penalties;
  • the costs of recourse and prosecution against the perpetrator of the fraud;
  • additional operating costs.

Credit insurance

Credit insurance is an insurance policy that protects your company against the risk of non-payment. Thus, in the event of non-payment of your trade receivables, credit insurance covers you and indemnifies you, both in France and internationally.

It is based on 3 pillars:

  • Prevention pillar, through permanent access to financial data enabling upstream validation of new contracts with unknown or insufficiently controlled clients. Similarly, the credit insurer regularly provides the company with financial data on its identified clients.
  • Collection pillar, period during which the insurer will intervene on behalf of the company to initiate and take charge, amicably or judicially, of all actions necessary to obtain payment of unpaid invoices.
  • Indemnification pillar: if the recovery procedure is not successful, either totally or partially, the credit insurer intervenes to compensate the company for the loss suffered.

Political risk insurance

A political risk insurance policy can help secure your business and the assets you own abroad. It guarantees your commercial commitments, investments or establishments in the face of a political situation or a decision by a political power such as: nationalization/expropriation without sufficient compensation, revolution, war, exclusion from certain markets, guarantee of fund conversions, financial losses linked to wars, or insurrections.

Security deposits and financial guarantees

The financial guarantee (also called a security deposit) is essential to protect the consumer by guaranteeing that your clients will be reimbursed in the event of a problem. If the company defaults, the financial institution acting as guarantor undertakes to reimburse the beneficiary. It also allows the company's financial flows to be secured and sources of financing to be made available from banks. In addition, the financial guarantee is a legal obligation for certain regulated professions such as estate agents and property managers, lawyers, bailiffs, travel agencies and temporary employment agencies.

Do you belong to a regulated profession (estate agents and property managers, travel agencies, architects, debt collection agencies, insurance brokers, builders of individual houses under a 1990 Act construction contract, temporary employment agencies, etc.)? Based on our experience in insurance for professionals we help you to get the best protection. This is all the more true since the constitution of a financial guarantee is compulsory, as it is intended to guarantee the reimbursement of sums deposited by your clients.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. Our teams are at your disposal for any insurance against special risks and affinities.