Property damage and business interruption insurance

Are you sufficiently covered against industrial, professional, and real estate risks associated with your business? The Roederer Group, an expert in property insurance and business interruption, helps you protect your company, as well as your premises and equipment, and assists you in anticipating the future more confidently in the face of potential damages and losses that may affect your assets and operations.

Dommages aux biens et pertes d'exploitation

Industrial All Risk insurance

Industrial All Risk insurance covers your real estate (buildings) and personal property (furniture, equipment, goods in all states) related to your professional activities. We select and implement an insurance solution for you that includes:

  • your consequential costs and losses (costs of excavation, demolition, fees for experts, architects, decorators, design, control and engineering firms, as well as loss of rent, etc.);
  • your related liabilities (building owner's liability, rental risks, recourse from neighbours and third parties, etc.);
  • your business interruption as a result of the property damage covered.

Industrial all risk insurance therefore protects you against the following events:

  • fire, explosion, lightning strike;
  • electrical damage;
  • impact from a land vehicle;
  • falling air navigation equipment and shockwaves;
  • fumes, vapours, smoke;
  • storm, hail and snow;
  • water damage, frost;
  • attacks – acts of terrorism;
  • riots, civil commotion, acts of sabotage, acts of vandalism;
  • theft;
  • deterioration of real estate;
  • glass breakage;
  • breakage of computer and related equipment;
  • breakdown of machinery (excluding computer equipment and the like);
  • tank rupture, liquid flows;
  • losses of products in cold storage;
  • natural disasters;
  • other unnamed events.

By calling on our experts, you benefit from tailor-made support, from the analysis of your risks to the settlement of your claims. To set up cover suitable for your needs, they will pay attention to each of the elements making up your business: the value of your buildings and equipment, the value of your goods, the location of your assets, etc., to measure the impact of a potential loss and thus reduce your exposure.

Professional All Risk insurance

Like Industrial all risk insurance, Professional all risk insurance provides generally comprehensive cover for your property and associated costs, losses and liabilities. It can also provide for civil liability coverage related to the exercise of your profession.

Our experts will be able to advise you and recommend the most suitable solution for your company's needs.

All Risk Building insurance

Whatever your status (owner, co-owner, management agent or other real estate professional), all risk real estate insurance covers the property or properties against a range of risks, as well as the associated costs, losses and liabilities:

  • fire, explosion, lightning, smoke;
  • electrical damage;
  • falling aircraft;
  • vehicle impacts;
  • storm, hail, snow;
  • attacks and acts of terrorism;
  • riots and civil commotion;
  • natural disasters;
  • water damage;
  • theft and vandalism;
  • glass breakage;
  • building collapse;
  • miscellaneous expenses and losses;
  • liabilities (recourse from neighbours and third parties);
  • building owner's civil liability.

Do you want to improve your insurance cover and make your business even more secure? Our experts will assist you in the selection of preventive solutions against risks during construction, technical risks during operation and cyber risks.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.