Technical risks

As insurance brokerage specialists, the Roederer Group's teams help you protect your business. We help you find the best solution for your equipment (industrial, electrical, electronic, IT), and your construction sites. Our objective is to provide you with the best possible coverage against any damage you may face that would affect your business and sales figures.

Risques techniques

Machinery Breakdown Insurance (fixed or mobile machinery)

Machinery breakdown cover protects your machinery, construction and handling equipment, production equipment and electrical and electronic equipment against damage. This protection applies regardless of the use of the machine at the time of the loss:

  • in operation (after assembly and test operations or from the moment they are put into industrial use) or at a standstill;
  • during dismantling, moving or reassembly operations required for maintenance or repair;
  • during transport.

What does Machinery Breakdown insurance cover?

Machinery breakdown insurance covers your equipment against sudden and unforeseen breakdown, destruction or loss, resulting in particular from:

  • the effects of electric current (heating, short circuit, overvoltage or voltage drop, overcurrent, insulation failure);
  • events of external origin (lightning strikes, fire, explosions, contact with smoke, liquids or gases);
  • human error (clumsiness, negligence, inexperience, falling materials);
  • theft, vandalism, attacks, terrorism, sabotage, strikes, riots;
  • incidents during use (maladjustment, vibration, mechanical heating, failure of control and safety devices, air conditioning system);
  • events of internal origin (design or construction defects, material defects);
  • natural events.

In addition, it also covers the additional operating costs (rental of replacement equipment, additional labour, etc.). This completes your protection against any property damage and business interruption risks.

We help you choose and implement a solution that is suitable for your business activity and the equipment you use. To recommend the best cover at the best price, our experts will carry out an audit of your risks, paying particular attention to various points, such as:

  • the valuation of your equipment and updating these values;
  • unloading, assembly and testing operations preceding operation covered by a separate guarantee (All Risks for Assembly and Testing);
  • machines, materials and equipment constituting a bottleneck;
  • time required to rebuild or replace machinery, materials and equipment;
  • special features of construction equipment (collision, rollover, crane mounting, etc.);
  • location of your goods on-site or off-site;
  • implications of your contractual commitments (leasing, delegation of indemnity, etc.).

Assembly and testing all-risk insurance

The Roederer Group can also help you find the most suitable assembly and testing all-risk insurance for your business and your needs. This specific solution is intended to cover particular sites, meeting several criteria:

  • the construction of building structures;
  • the implementation of equipment, facilities and machines that first require an assembly phase, a testing phase and a commissioning period.

This will be the case, for example, if you have to build a factory, with a complex production line and machinery.

Assembly and testing all-risk insurance covers any damage for rapid repair, regardless of the liabilities. It covers the financial risk related to a prolonged stoppage of the building site, but also the operating hazards during the assembly or testing phases. This means that you are covered during the construction phase as well as during the assembly and testing phases.

Please note that the All Risks for Assembly and Testing insurance is linked to a specific operation: the construction site – rather than the company – is insured. It is important to take out assembly and testing all-risk insurance on a transaction-by-transaction basis. Our experts are at your disposal and will guide you in your choice when setting up an appropriate contract for your business.

The cover ends on the date of formal or tacit acceptance of the work, when the site concerned is taken over or goes into service. This cover provides real peace of mind and allows you to deal with the special risks not covered by so-called "conventional" machine breakdown insurance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information.