Cyber insurance

Cyber risk (phishing, malware, data breaches, etc.) is a reality for many businesses, as the number of cyber attack victims continues to rise. These attacks pose a threat to both the data held in the course of your operations and the integrity of your information system, with the financial implications that come with it. It is therefore crucial to protect your business and your data.

Cyber assurance

The Roederer Group can help you choose the best and most appropriate cover to deal with these risks.

Cyber insurance: essential protection against computer risks

Cyber insurance covers the technical consequences of an attack on data (personal, confidential, medical, banking, etc.) held or managed by your company, on your information systems or on your external service providers.

These consequences can be of several types:

  • your civil liability may be incurred (claims from third parties resulting from damage to their data, computer systems, image or reputation, etc.);
  • costs (IT expertise, legal advice, communication and crisis management, systems and data restoration, notification, monitoring, etc.);
  • operating losses;
  • investigations and administrative sanctions (fees and penalties);
  • cyber-extortion (fees and ransom);
  • assistance throughout the IT incident.

Your cyber insurance with the Roederer Group

Faced with these risks, we can provide you with adequate cyber insurance solutions, with multi-risk contracts made up of 3 pillars:

  • damage guarantee (costs and losses incurred as a result of malicious intrusion, including operating losses without material damage);
  • civil liability cover (immaterial damage caused to third parties);
  • crisis management service (support by a consultant in the event of cyber-extortion and data breach).

Our teams can help you analyse your IT risks. Together, we can identify your cyber insurance needs and put in place the optimum cover to reduce your exposure and ensure your company's IT data is protected. This means that you are free to continue your business without worrying about the possible consequences of a cyberattack.

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