Professional legal protection

Conduct your business with peace of mind: professional legal protection insurance ensures representation and defense in case of disputes of any kind. You and your company are covered against legal risks. Roederer Group accompanies you in choosing a contract that is suitable for your business.

Protection juridique

Why take out professional legal protection insurance?

Why take out corporate legal protection?

Labour court cases, criminal proceedings, disputes with suppliers or clients... In the course of your business, you may be faced with numerous legal risks. By taking out professional legal protection insurance, you protect your company from any disputes you may face and are supported in dealing with an increasingly complex economic and legislative environment.

Legal protection insurance for companies: what services are offered?

A professional legal protection insurance policy provides you with:

  • legal assistance in response to your questions to prevent any dispute;
  • in the event of a dispute, the search for an amicable solution with the help of specialist lawyers;
  • the assumption of responsibility for legal proceedings and the related legal costs.

What disputes are covered by professional legal protection insurance?

Your company's legal protection contract may be called upon in the event of commercial or labour disputes, real estate, administrative, social or tax disputes. This may include:

  • commercial protection – you are faced with a dispute with one of your clients (cancellation of an order, etc.) or with one of your suppliers (the carrier you have chartered damages the goods entrusted to you, etc.), you are the victim of one of your competitors or are the subject of accusations (unfair competition, etc.);
  • administrative protection – you are sued before administrative commissions or courts or face problems of any kind with public services and local authorities (administrative authorizations, etc.);
  • social protection – you are summoned, or you must bring an action before any commission or court ruling on social matters in disputes between you and URSSAF (social contributions authority), CPAM (local health insurance), Pôle Emploi (Job Centre), occupational health service, labour inspectorate, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information. We are at your side to help you choose solutions to secure the development of your business - corporate liability insurance or other risks.