Group health insurance

Since January 1st 2016, employers in the private sector are required to provide supplementary health insurance for their employees. The Roederer Group, an expert in personal insurance, accompanies you in order to provide the best protection for your employees.

Complementaire sante collective

What is a collective complementary health insurance?

Supplementary health insurance is a scheme that supplements the general social security scheme. The guarantees complement the reimbursements made by the Social Security. The reimbursements from the general Social Security scheme cover on average, excluding the departments of Alsace-Moselle, 78% of medical expenses relating to illness, accidents and maternity.

For a contract to be considered collective, it must be concluded by a company with an insurer on a compulsory basis.

The introduction of a supplementary health insurance contract in a company requires a number of questions to be asked. What level of cover should I choose? Do the guarantees comply with the obligation imposed by the branch Collective Agreement? What needs of employees must be met? How to select the best offer? The Roederer Group can help you choose the most suitable contract for your company's profile and your employees' needs.

The advantages of group supplementary health insurance

The introduction of a supplementary company insurance scheme for all employees has been compulsory since 1 January 2016. In return, the company benefits from tax and social security advantages.

  • The contributions paid by the company are deductible from taxable profits;
  • Employer contributions to financing supplementary health benefits are exempt from social security contributions within certain limits.

Depending on the contract and the cover selected, your employees have access to various advantages: better reimbursement of routine care, coverage of exceptional expenses, possible coverage of family members, reduction of your health expenses thanks to our partner health care networks, etc. Not to mention the services made available to you by the Roederer Group: access to a dedicated application and a complete extranet, with numerous tools that also benefit your employees.

The structure of group supplementary health insurance contracts

Various arrangements are possible: a single scheme or a scheme consisting of a compulsory "base" with optional or supplementary schemes, whether or not responsible. The whole system must comply with the rules of the responsible contract; otherwise it will be taxed more heavily (14% for non-responsible contracts instead of 7%), and will no longer be able to benefit from the tax and social advantages of group contracts.

The contribution structure can take several forms:

  • Family;
  • Adult/child;
  • Single/family;
  • Employee + child/spouse optional.

With the Roederer Group, you benefit from support in your procedures and in the selection of your group supplementary health contract.

The employer's obligations for supplementary health insurance

So-called collective schemes must meet several obligations (decrees of 9 January 2012 and 8 July 2014, generalization of health coverage in 2016, etc.). The compulsory supplementary health insurance scheme may cover all employees, or one or more categories of employees determined according to objective criteria, thus placing all employees performing the same professional activity on an equal footing.

Our experts will work with you to ensure that you meet the legal requirements. These include the minimum level of cover defined either by law or by contractual obligation, and the coverage of the contribution, which must be at least 50%.

Non-responsible supplementary insurance

The company remains free to offer its employees supplementary protection systems, known as supplementary schemes, which may be non-responsible and optional, in the form of separate contracts independent of the compulsory collective scheme.

The scheme is taxed at 14% and the contributions and increases to these are generally borne entirely by the employee. Non-responsible supplementary insurance allows employees to benefit from cover above the limits imposed by responsible contracts.