Protection of transported goods

Are you a transportation professional or a company looking to entrust your goods to a carrier? Are you an artisan who transports equipment for your own use or to fulfill your service? To avoid suffering financial losses in the event of accidents during your journeys, insuring your transported goods is the most reliable solution.

Assurance marchandises transportees

The Roederer Group assists many companies in insuring goods at their fair value, whether or not the carrier is liable.

Transported goods insurance

In most cases, the transport company takes out professional civil liability insurance to protect itself in the event of damage caused to a third party. However, it is also essential to protect goods that may be damaged during transport through a dedicated contract: transported goods insurance. Limitations of compensation according to weight or number of packages may be applied by the carrier (legal limitation which does not take into account the value of the goods).

This is where transported goods insurance comes in: it covers the goods while they are in transit, to deal with all kinds of risks. Theft, damage, accident, etc. Transported goods insurance also comes into play if the goods are delivered to the wrong address. It also guarantees the handling and intermediate storage of goods. In short, it covers your goods until they reach their destination.

Transported goods insurance can cover all modes of transport:

  • Insurance of goods by road transport,
  • Insurance of goods by inland waterway,
  • Insurance of goods by sea transport,
  • Insurance of goods by air cargo.

It allows you to receive compensation for actual losses, regardless of the limits of the carrier's professional liability insurance.

Thus, we offer you a flexible contract, with a flexible contribution, since it can be adapted to the value of the insured goods, to the company's turnover or to a flat rate. This avoids the need to take out insurance with the carrier, which is often expensive and may not cover all the risks involved in transport.

Who can take out transported goods insurance?

Several types of professionals make use of transported goods insurance:

  • Subscription by public freight transport companies: transport professionals who wish to subscribe to the "ad valorem" mechanism on behalf of their client. This scheme will provide reimbursement beyond the compensation ceilings provided by their contractual liability (often less than the value of the goods).
  • Insurance cover taken out by a company subcontracting its goods transport to a carrier: the company can take out a transported goods insurance policy directly.
  • Subscription by and on behalf of the insured party, as in the case of artisans who need to transport their tools to a construction site and who use their own vehicle.

Transported goods insurance with Roederer

Damaged goods can represent heavy losses. This is why it is essential to look for transported goods insurance that is appropriate for the company's activity and therefore for the value of the goods. This requires the use of property and liability insurance experts. The Roederer advisers will work with you to define the most suitable cover to compensate you for the value of your property in the event of a claim. You benefit from a single point of contact, experienced in the field of transport, as well as rapid settlement of the financial losses incurred.