Insurance for architects and prime contractors

In a construction project, the architect and the project manager work closely together. Bound by a contract for the provision of services, both parties can have their liability involved in the event of accidents, damages, and construction defects occurring during and after the work. The Roederer Construction and Real Estate department understands the importance of your protection and provides assistance in choosing the most suitable coverage.

Assurances architectes et maîtres d'ouvrage

Ten-year insurance for architects and project managers

You are considered a builder and must take out professional ten-year insurance for architects or prime contractors (Spinetta Law). Being responsible for any damage that may occur over a period of ten years after project handover, it is essential to take out a ten-year guarantee.

Civil liability for professional activity

Among insurance cover for professional architects and general contractors, professional liability insurance covers you if an accident occurs on the building site. It thus covers damage to property and personal injury caused to a third party.

It is also compulsory, and failure to take out professional liability insurance may lead to legal proceedings.

Legal protection for companies

DIn the field of property construction, disputes are becoming more and more frequent. Coverage of the fees of all parties involved (lawyers, tax experts, bailiffs, etc.), coverage of the costs of proceedings, etc., legal protection covers you in the event of a dispute. In addition to financial support, you also benefit from the advice of our experts to reach an amicable agreement before more serious proceedings are started.

Damage and liability insurance for professionals

We cover all your needs by drawing up tailor-made insurance contracts. Executives' liability, property damage and business interruption, transported goods, etc. – our commercial and management team dedicated to property and liability insurance masters the protection of executives, as well as their professional activities.