Developer and contracting authority insurance

The Roederer Group provides insurance for contracting authorities, whether they are involved in property development or directly through a construction company. Our advisers offer you a complete range of solutions to protect you during and after the works.

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Civil Liability insurance for professional activity

Professional civil liability insurance covers property damage and personal injury that could be attributed to your service (and therefore to your company). It covers damage caused by you, your employees and your suppliers.

Building all-risk insurance

Indispensable in the construction field, Building All Risks Insurance covers any damage to property that may occur during the entire duration of the building site. Fire, water damage, theft, malicious damage, bad weather, etc. building all-risk insurance covers not only repair work, but also financial losses: anticipated operating losses, loss of rent due to building delays caused by accidental risks, etc.

Building Damage Insurance

Compulsory for construction professionals and the delegated contracting authority, Building Damage insurance is essential to protect you in the long term.

We cover damage that may occur from the time the property is received until ten years after delivery. Disorders of a decennial nature are thus covered: defects and faulty workmanship, cracks in walls and floors, floor subsidence, insulation defects, provided that they compromise the solidity of the structure or make it unfit for its purpose.

Builder-Developer Civil Liability

It is also compulsory for real estate intermediaries and building professionals, and covers losses incurring the decennial liability of builder-developers.

Builder-developer liability insurance is therefore for the delegated contracting authority, just as it is for property dealers, promoters, off-plan property sellers and developers.

Contracting Authority Civil Liability Insurance

Dedicated to the project manager, contracting authority liability insurance covers damage that you may cause to third parties in the course of the work. Your liability may be exposed during the course of the work, since damage may be caused to third parties. They can be material (damage to the walls of the neighbouring building), immaterial (disturbance of the neighbourhood) and physical (tiles falling on a passer-by).t corporels (chute de tuiles sur un passant).

The project owner's liability insurance covers you from the start of the project to the acceptance of the work.

Legal protection insurance

Legal protection insurance is essential to protect your business in the event of a dispute. Legal protection insurance provides for:

  • Legal assistance to support you as a preventive measure.
  • The search for an amicable solution in the event of a dispute.
  • The assumption of responsibility for procedures and costs related to litigation.

Resale guarantee

The real estate development and construction business model is based on capital gains. However, certain situations can devalue the property and jeopardize your real estate investment: property slump, construction of a motorway junction nearby, etc.

The resale guarantee, also known as "resale protection", provides partial compensation in the event of a loss-making resale of the property within six to nine years of its acquisition (depending on the terms of the insurance contract).

The Performance Bond

Specific to off-plan property sales, it guarantees the financial capacity necessary for the proper performance of the project. And above all, to its completion.

As significant financial resources are required to complete the construction of programmes, the Performance Bond addresses the risk of bankruptcy during construction. Additionally, it covers defects and repairs that occur within one year of the reception of the dwelling.

Damage and liability insurance

To benefit from optimal protection and simplify your insurance contracts, we protect companies against all the risks they may encounter:

  • Car fleet insurance,
  • Property damage and business interruption,
  • Environment,
  • Transported goods,
  • Legal protection,
  • Executives' liability insurance,
  • Professional Civil Liability.

And much more.

The Roederer Group's property and liability insurance department has a department specializing in real estate and construction. You can be sure that you are dealing with professionals who understand your issues and have a good grasp of your protection.t vos enjeux et maîtrisent votre protection.